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Characteristics of the Bolognese

Basic information

Name of the breed:
Other names:
Country of origin:
Average lifetime:
Body shape:
Bologneser, Bichon Bolognese, Boloňský psík
Companion dog
15 years
Height 25 - 31 cm, Weight 3 - 4 kg
Quadratic, Height = Length
Milky white, wavy, 7 - 13 cm long, No moulting, No special cutting


This lovely white dog has been very popular and highly appreciated since the 11th century. It did companion to ladies from black tie crowd and played role a lap dog in aristocratic families of renaissance Italy, like de Medici, Gonsaga, etc. Their popularity still grew, the Bolognese were owned by famous people like Madame de Pompadour, Russian Czarina Katarina II. and/or Austrian Empress Maria Theresa. You can also find this lovely dog as the work of art of world famous painters like Tizian or Goya. Official breeding of the Bologneses dates since 1882 when the register of dogs with pedigree was founded in Italy. After World War II this breed was almost lost and thanks to Italian breeder Persichi was preserved. But still the number of individuals was very limited. The next improvement was realized at the end of 20th century when the breed was widely spread again. Very important work was done by Italian breeder Bonano, breeding kennel Platino Iridio. Later on, Mrs. Kubenova, founder of the breed in Czech Republic, brought several breeding dogs from him and set a solid base for quality population of this breed in Czech Republic as well. We are glad that our dogs are their descendants.


Bolognese is a very friendly and lovely companion. It has strong connection to its master and likes friendship with people. This white shaggy dog is cheerful and bright, it is able to learn various tricks to do fun for its master. It is an ideal lap dog for all family, it likes children, is able to play with them, run and do mischief.
Bolognese as a breed are not aggressive, they don't bite, but they can be very loud when anybody approaches your property. Bolognese are able to live in flat with possibility of some outside walking, but if they can run in a garden, they are very happy. Due to amazing temperament and luxury exterior Bolognese are often called "anti stress dogs".


The breed of Bolognese is being healthy without any health problems or handicaps. They live for a long time, with appropriate care 15 years is not unusual. To breed quality and healthy dogs we accept recommendations of breeding advisors and avoid breeding of near relatives. Standard health care is usually only regular vaccination and deworming, our veterinary surgeon takes care of it and invites us right time. Because the dog is going outside, it is highly recommended to protect it against fleas and ticks, today's medications are very effective, safe and easy to use.


Dog is very conservative boarder. Good habit is to feed it still with certain kind of food, each change cause usually digestive trouble for a few days. The dog keeper has many possibilities which menu chooses for his dog. We have today in pet shops inexhaustible selection of dog food with regard to size, age, kind of hair, physical load etc. Very popular and practical is dry granule food but available is wet food in cans as well. This industrial food is easy to use, balanced, containing all necessary minerals and vitamins. Of course is possible to cook food for your dog but it needs much higher effort and always you will have problem to have it well balanced. Fresh water, especially when dry food is used, is obvious. Feeding with quality, brand food returns us healthy, strong and happy dog.
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